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Welcome to the online submission form for Montecito Bank & Trust’s corporate giving programs and sponsorships. We look forward to receiving your request. There are two pages on this application. This first page will ask for basic information about your organization. The second page will ask for specific details about your sponsorship, grant, or volunteer needs. You will not have the option to save the application, so please be ready to submit it when you begin filling it out. As an extra precaution, consider typing some of your answers in a word document and then transfer the information to avoid losing it. Please note a few things on this page: Donation type: You’ll need to select sponsorship, grant or volunteers from the drop down menu. 1.) Sponsorship – for an event sponsorship or any type of sponsorship that has marketing value. 2.) Grant – for support of programs, services or general organizational funding. 3.) Volunteers – if you need volunteers for an event or program. Our Representative: If applicable, this is a Montecito Bank & Trust associate who is a Board Member, Committee Member, or volunteer with your organization. Current employees of Montecito Bank & Trust will auto populate when you start typing. You may only select one.
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