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Community National Bank recognizes a responsibility to support organizations which assist in the provision of credit services and related technical support in the communities we serve. Additionally, as a responsible corporate citizen, the bank will help support the activities of recognized Educational, Cultural and Community oriented non-profit and/or charitable organizations including community and economic development organizations. You will be prompted through two screens. Please complete all fields, attaching supporting documentation in the corresponding sections. For example, attach additional documentation about your organization in the first "Organization" section, attach supporting documentation about your request/event in the "Details" section, and attach required advertising components in the "Advertising" section and submit your request. You will receive a confirmation email once your request has been submitted. Sponsorship: Use the Sponsorship form for requests that include advertising opportunities for Community National Bank. Grant: Use the Grant form to request monetary donations only. In-kind: Use the In-kind form to request a donation of an item.
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